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12/30/2007 NY Knick “FIRE ISIAH” Protest at MSG 11:00 AM

December 17, 2007


SUNDAY DECEMBER 30, 2007 AT 11:00 am

PROTEST = Stand with us outside the Garden, Be Heard.
WALKOUT = We are encouraging all fans that attend the game against the Bulls to make a statement by leaving the Garden at the end of the 3rd quarter and join us in our protest.
BENEFIT = Donate a clothing item to NYC’s homeless shelters for those less fortunate.

Due to disgrutled fan demand the protest has taken a little twist. We have decided to add James Dolan, Owner of The New York Knicks to the cause. Although Isiah is directly responsible for the debacle taken place with OUR team for the past 4 years, James Dolan is just as responsible overall. Furthermore, it’s James Dolans arrogance and and ignor-ance to do NOTHING to help this team and the changes that NEED to be made. It seems that everyone knows there is a problem besides him. The state of this team has reached a new low.

Why should we have to suffer for the doings of amateur, inexperienced, immature and uneducated ownership and management. All the while being blatantly conceited and arrogant about it!

The time has come to stand and unite. Power in numbers!

This also happens to be the day the Knicks have a home game against the Bulls which will most likely end up being another pitiful Knick lost. An ironic punctuation to an already pathetic season.

Although this protest has been initiated virally via blogs, podcasts, webcasts, various media outlets and personalities have already expressed interest and support for this protest. Their identity will come on the days prior to and the day of the protest.

So when you’re sitting there on a dark, cold winter night, this year, next year or whenever and OUR Knicks are losing another game (hopefully not by more than 20 points again), remember that someone organized a forum for you to voice your opinion. Be able to say to yourself, “I did all that I could” and be at peace with yourself instead of never doing anything. Accept mediocracy and that is what you’ll get. I never claimed that this would solve all of the Knicks problems but to do or say nothing is the real crime.

Don’t let the nay Sayers be right when they say, “Knick Fans aren’t passionate enough about OUR team and will never come together and voice their opinions. They don’t care that much about their team” I say “They are ALL wrong!

Driving by or waiting to see coverage via newspaper, web or television will not do. In order to make our point, attendance by all disgusted Knick fans is needed. Please support the efforts and message of this protest.

We’re not pompous or foolish to believe this protest will be the fix to end all problems with our NY Knicks. As die-hard fans that have suffered tremendous anguish watching this ownership and management dismantle and ruin this proud franchise and everything it stands for, our Knicks. The laughing stock of the NBA. WE MUST BE HEARD!

Please show your support Sunday, December 30, 2007 in front of MSG “The Worlds Most Famous Arena” with the “Most Pathetic Basketball Organization!”

I can be reached via email at Also respond if you are interested in receiving the daily protest email update.

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It is a pleasure to announce that admired and highly influential Norman Siegel, New York City’s most respected Civil Rights Attorney has endorsed his support to the FIRE ISIAH! DUMP DOLAN! KNICKS PROTEST & WALKOUT on 12/30/2007 at 11:00 AM in front of MSG.

Mr. Siegel was the Director of the New York Civil Rights Union until he decided to run for public office. He currently has his own private practice in NYC. He has written numerous op-ed columns for newspapers such as The Times, Newsday, and The Daily News as well as the Amsterdam News. He is also a Teacher and a Board Member of many foundations.

He was a member of the PINK SLIP RALLY on Weds. 12/19/2007. Mr. Siegel has been a fan for over 40 years and played basketball back in High School. His personal motivation is to get inserted into the Knicks line-up to help the team overall with point guard duties.

Any and all Knick fans who ever complained about this organization, it’s leadership or team need to show their support towards this cause.

Don’t let the nay Sayers be right when they say, “Knick Fans will never come together and voice their opinions. They don’t care that much about their team” I say “They are ALL wrong!