12/30/2007 NY Knick “FIRE ISIAH” Protest at MSG 11:00 AM


SUNDAY DECEMBER 30, 2007 AT 11:00 am

PROTEST = Stand with us outside the Garden, Be Heard.
WALKOUT = We are encouraging all fans that attend the game against the Bulls to make a statement by leaving the Garden at the end of the 3rd quarter and join us in our protest.
BENEFIT = Donate a clothing item to NYC’s homeless shelters for those less fortunate.

Due to disgrutled fan demand the protest has taken a little twist. We have decided to add James Dolan, Owner of The New York Knicks to the cause. Although Isiah is directly responsible for the debacle taken place with OUR team for the past 4 years, James Dolan is just as responsible overall. Furthermore, it’s James Dolans arrogance and and ignor-ance to do NOTHING to help this team and the changes that NEED to be made. It seems that everyone knows there is a problem besides him. The state of this team has reached a new low.

Why should we have to suffer for the doings of amateur, inexperienced, immature and uneducated ownership and management. All the while being blatantly conceited and arrogant about it!

The time has come to stand and unite. Power in numbers!

This also happens to be the day the Knicks have a home game against the Bulls which will most likely end up being another pitiful Knick lost. An ironic punctuation to an already pathetic season.

Although this protest has been initiated virally via blogs, podcasts, webcasts, various media outlets and personalities have already expressed interest and support for this protest. Their identity will come on the days prior to and the day of the protest.

So when you’re sitting there on a dark, cold winter night, this year, next year or whenever and OUR Knicks are losing another game (hopefully not by more than 20 points again), remember that someone organized a forum for you to voice your opinion. Be able to say to yourself, “I did all that I could” and be at peace with yourself instead of never doing anything. Accept mediocracy and that is what you’ll get. I never claimed that this would solve all of the Knicks problems but to do or say nothing is the real crime.

Don’t let the nay Sayers be right when they say, “Knick Fans aren’t passionate enough about OUR team and will never come together and voice their opinions. They don’t care that much about their team” I say “They are ALL wrong!

Driving by or waiting to see coverage via newspaper, web or television will not do. In order to make our point, attendance by all disgusted Knick fans is needed. Please support the efforts and message of this protest.

We’re not pompous or foolish to believe this protest will be the fix to end all problems with our NY Knicks. As die-hard fans that have suffered tremendous anguish watching this ownership and management dismantle and ruin this proud franchise and everything it stands for, our Knicks. The laughing stock of the NBA. WE MUST BE HEARD!

Please show your support Sunday, December 30, 2007 in front of MSG “The Worlds Most Famous Arena” with the “Most Pathetic Basketball Organization!”

I can be reached via email at joeyvworks@yahoo.com. Also respond if you are interested in receiving the daily protest email update.

For your entertainment purposes: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZfAwwxDLU0s



It is a pleasure to announce that admired and highly influential Norman Siegel, New York City’s most respected Civil Rights Attorney has endorsed his support to the FIRE ISIAH! DUMP DOLAN! KNICKS PROTEST & WALKOUT on 12/30/2007 at 11:00 AM in front of MSG.

Mr. Siegel was the Director of the New York Civil Rights Union until he decided to run for public office. He currently has his own private practice in NYC. He has written numerous op-ed columns for newspapers such as The Times, Newsday, and The Daily News as well as the Amsterdam News. He is also a Teacher and a Board Member of many foundations.

He was a member of the PINK SLIP RALLY on Weds. 12/19/2007. Mr. Siegel has been a fan for over 40 years and played basketball back in High School. His personal motivation is to get inserted into the Knicks line-up to help the team overall with point guard duties.

Any and all Knick fans who ever complained about this organization, it’s leadership or team need to show their support towards this cause.

Don’t let the nay Sayers be right when they say, “Knick Fans will never come together and voice their opinions. They don’t care that much about their team” I say “They are ALL wrong!


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17 Responses to “12/30/2007 NY Knick “FIRE ISIAH” Protest at MSG 11:00 AM”

  1. Knickpro Says:

    Stop this moronic Idiot parade NOW!
    If not, we will be happy to greet you with our own
    crowd in support of our Knicks staff!

  2. Joe Says:


    My first instinct is to tell you where to go. Instead, because this is a peaceful forum wih no true milicious intent I will say this. We will not stop. It’s full steam ahead excersising our right to voice and display against the pitifullness of OUR NY Knicks.

  3. mAAAbs Says:

    Sounds good. I will see yall there, hope there’s a good crowd.


  4. joeyvworks Says:

    December 19, 2007 by joeyvworks


    Bottom of World’s Most Furious Arena article


  5. knicksdefense Says:


    Word is getting around the internet, nice work.

    I respect what you’re trying to do, getting people to protest the regime that hasn’t produced, but I’m sure you realize as a knick diehard that the owner, Dolan, doesn’t care, right? David Stern’s hands are tied, because all he cares about are corporate profit margins, and neither Jim nor Charles Dolan cares about knicks fans, so I’m not sure what can be accomplished other than more negative publicity for the knicks, if that’s at all possible at this point. it is a straight up quagmire over there.

    by the way, they made the ringling bros. protest set up across seventh ave, near MSGNY and FUSE. just a heads up in terms of strategy in case they try to strong arm you away from the building as that schmuck Knickspro just implied. nice, well-written phrase, “moronic idiot parade.” sounds like a high blood pressure cubicle robot to me. less coffee knickspro, or you’ll have another heart attack.

  6. nba basketball Says:

    Whoever runs the team needs to be allowed to rebuild it from the ground up. Is that that the fault of the GM, or does ownership refuse to allow the GMs the chance to gut the team and start from scratch

  7. Rick Hutick Says:

    Anyone have contact info for Normal Siegel who set up the Pink Slip rally? I think the Knick fans need to stage a strike and walkout and actively work to get more and more people to stop giving MSG money for the Knicks. The idea is to make Dolan give up and bring in competent ownership or sell the team. You aren’t just staying away, you are working to get others to stay away also.

    And Dolan has a multitude of enemies now. I am sure the Jets and Bloomberg would like to be able to get back at them, so it is possible the Jets could end up help fund this.

  8. Joel Says:

    Since the Knicks won today, I guess all is fine and dandy. I guess the rally is cancelled? 😉

    Look forward to the 30th…should be fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a Jerome James autograph. 🙂 🙂

  9. King Says:

    Protest for The Sudan first instead of a sports team.

    It’s amazing how pathetic your priorities are.

  10. Joe V Says:

    Hey Gang,

    Here is the lastest in the Hate Mail Dept.

    — john opinion wrote:

    I ama die hard Knicks fan and I think your protest
    is ridiculous. Thanks to
    Isiah the Knicks now have the talent to compete. He
    had to undo the lack of
    talent mess Scott Layden left him with, as well as
    the salary cap mess.

    All you are looking for is media attention. I wish
    your identity was known
    so I could get real Knick fans to show up at your
    work place and protest.
    Give me a break. You and the Jason Silversteins and
    Art nathans of the world
    are publicity seeking hounds. Why. If you had any
    guts you would go protest
    alone. Nope, you want the pub bud.

    P.S., Your You tube video clip is racist and
    offensive. Not funny at all.

    Our Response:

    Dear John Opinion,

    You’re right, Isiah does have the talent now. To compete? Not sure their record would agree with you on that one. How long does he need? He seems to thinks it’s “2 weeks”.

    Regarding the media attention, I could really care less whether I’m on TV or get my picture in the newspapers. I have already had my 15 minutes of fame in the past. Thanks but No Thanks.

    I choose not to protest alone because disgruntled Knick fans insisted they come with me. I couldn’t shake them.

    Lastly, put the racist card down. For all you know, I may be white, black, yellow… You need to get a sense of humor. The video is the for the humor value and nothing else. Interpret it anyway you want. I put it there for a couple of laughs at something other than out pathetic Knicks and their coach.

    Sorry, just telling it how it is.


    Joe V.

  11. MODI Says:

    Joey, you left this note in the comment section about the December 30 protest at COSELLOT. I have no desire to reply with “hate mail”, just logic and reason. I simply cannot tell you how wrongheaded this protest is. After being his #1 defender in the past, just as you do, I personally believe that Isiah should step down as coach. I’m sure we differ on how bad a GM he is, but that is not important here.

    But protest? Any more protests are simply a WIN for our vicious NY tabloids. Dolan-Isiah may be responsible for this year’s losses, but they are the ones that created this hysteria that would take place no where else on earth. They create it, then cover the protest they create, and then reward people for the 15 minutes of fame. Now it snowballs. Protests only serve to validate the media’s hate.

    This media are the same people who long for the glory days of the Patrick Ewing era, but treated him like crap and told him “Good Riddance” [NY Post Headline] on the day he was traded. Long after the Isiah era is over these people will still be here. And that is a much much bigger problem. To have this focused on Isiah/Dolan – even if you, like me, believe he should be fired – is extremely short-sighted. There is a much bigger picture here, and no disgruntled Knicks fan should accept being manipulated as sheep.

    I won’t question your sincerity as a diehard fan, and certainly understand the passion of those who want to protest. However, it is seriously misplaced. Personally, I want the Knicks to win as much as anybody else on this planet. I would ask the following question of any wanna-be Knick protester? Have you stood up to protest the war in Iraq? (assuming that you are against it) Have you protested against the Jena 6? Did you attend a “Save Darfur” rally? A protest against media accountability? AIDS Epidemic? Any other truly meaningful cause?. If the answer is a consistent NO, then that fact needs to be seriously thought through.

  12. MODI Says:

    Also, Joey, in the principle of free speech, I have not deleted your original comment about the protest at COSELLOUT. I trust that you will do the same for my response.

  13. joeyvworks Says:

    Dear Modi,

    While I can appreciate your opinion about whether or not Knicks Fans should join together and protest, or protesting for “meaningful cause”, this is why and what makes this country as great as it is. It’s our ability to express and voice our opinions.

    In truth, I am sensitive to your issues, whether this is right or wrong to do, the tabloids, and other world-wide issues.

    I, as many other Knicks are so infuriated with what is going on with this organization and this team that we have reached the point of hopelessness. Yes, we have lives and more important things to deal with in our lives but in my world the Knicks are one of lifes simple pleasure that has caused more pain than anything else.

  14. Ivan Cash Says:

    Hey everyone,

    As a life-long die-hard Knicks fan, I’m as frustrated as anyone with the lackluster performance of the Knicks and their coach. I recently created some anti-Isiah shirts that have received a lot of positive feedback. Feel free to check ’em out:




  15. AC Says:


    The Dolan who stole Knicksmas:

    Similar to the Grinch Who Stole Christmas except this show revolves around NY Knicks owner James Dolan who decided to ruin every New Yorker’s holiday by running the Knicks into the ground. As the story goes:

    Every single New Yorker liked the Knicks a lot…

    But Dolan, who lived just north of the city, Did NOT!

    Dolan hated the Knicks fans! The whole NBA season! Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

    As the story goes, in order to ruin the Knicks forever, Dolan hires Isiah Thomas to trade for overpaid awful players, sexually harass his front office staff, and generally cause a mockery of the franchise.

    “I know just what to do!” Dolan laughed through his cheek. And he made a phone call to the man they call Zeke. And he chuckled, and clucked, “What a great Dolan trick!” “With Zeke now as the coach, it will ruin the Knicks!”

    However, after years of trying to destroy the hearts and souls of Knicks fans, a protest breaks out in front of Madison Square Garden and the melodious “Fire Isiah” chant seemingly melts Dolan’s too small heart.

    Every fan down in New York, the tall and the small, was chanting! “Fire Isiah” with no game at all!

    He HADN’T stopped Knicks fans from coming! THEY CAME! Somehow or other, they came just the same!

    And Dolan, with his small-brain head out the window, Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?” “They came with out tickets! They came without wins!” “They came without NBA championship rings!” And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore. Then Dolan thought of something he hadn’t before! “Maybe Knicks fans,” he thought, “don’t care for the score.” “Maybe the Knicks…perhaps…mean a little bit more!”

    And what happened then…? Well…in New York they say That Dolan’s small heart Grew three sizes that day

    And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite so tight, He whizzed in his Porsche through the bright morning light And he brought back Earl Monroe! Promised a ten game win streak! And he……HE HIMSELF…! Dolan fired that idiot Zeke!!

  16. Joe V Says:

    AC, thanks for taking the time and also having the passion. This was quite funny and will be sent out to the protest distribution list.

    Safe & Happy Holidays to everyone, especially Knick Fans.

    Unfortuately we didn’t get what we had hoped for in our stocking. I don’t think many of us are surprised though. It helps to have little or no expectations. Then we can’t be let down but the losses still continue to hurt.


    Joe V.

  17. Sports Talk Says:


    Please call in soon with your thoughts on things. We did an interview with Alan Hahn last night. The audio is at http://hosted.filefront.com/patchyfogg


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