Daily Update 1

INDIANA 119 New York 92 = 27 POINT BLOWOUT
Knicks – 7 WINS 17 LOSSES
10 Games under .500
Outscored 55-28 over the final 17 minutes 51 seconds.


11 AM

Isiah Quote of the day:
“Clearly, we have to do some things different,” he
said. “So yeah, everything’s up in the air.”

Disgruntled Fan quote of the day:
All I want for a Christmas is a Knicks team I can
cheer for. I was going to see them in Charlotte this
Friday, but I can’t stand the pain of watching them
play so poorly. I’m ashamed to call myself a Knicks
fan right now. Bring back the pride! bon3407

What the news didn’t tell you last night: In addition
to the person thrown out for having a sign that said
“FIRE ISIAH” (I swear I’ve heard that before), there
was another fan thrown out with a more direct message
that said “Isiah Sucks Dolan Swallows”. True warriors
of the cause.

We were banned from http://www.basketballforum.com

Hater email received today:
“Stop this moronic Idiot parade NOW!
If not, we will be happy to greet you with our own
crowd in support of our Knicks staff!”

Our response was “My first instinct is to tell you
where to go. Instead, because this is a peaceful forum
with no true malicious intent I will say this, we will
not stop. It’s full steam ahead to excersise our right
to voice and display our agony towards the pitifulness
of OUR NY Knicks.”

BIG Props to Mike at gothamsportsradio.com. We were
interviewed by them on Sunday night. Anyone can access
the interview here:

Also please visit

Mike and Crew will also be on hand interviewing
supporters at the Protest. Your support is GREATLY

Lastly, I came across this online. Fans, this is what
we long for and the reason why we all need to come
together on 12/30/2007. This is what it’s all about!
Enjoy 🙂

A Dream Tribute http://youtube.com/watch?v=L4ohWNC_uag



Joe V.

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