Daily Update 2

CLEVELAND 90 New York 108
Knicks – 8 WINS 17 LOSSES
9 Games under .500


11 AM

Isiah Quote of the day:
As GM, what he would do to the coach?

“That’s a better question in a couple of weeks,” “Not
today, but in a couple weeks, that would be a fair
question. We’ll see if we can come out of this. If we
can’t come out of this, then those are fair questions.
There’s still a lot of basketball left in the season.
There is time to turn it around.”

The turnaround starts when Isiah is ousted.

Disgruntled Fan quote of the day:
I’m not going to say there isn’t a fair amount of
talent on the Knicks. But the combination of their
talents not working together at all in a team sense
(which was obvious before they came here) and the
horrible salary situation they bring (which Isiah
completely got them into) makes them a bad team, and
its Isiah’s fault because he’s 100% responsible for
putting them together

No Hater email received today

Todays protest organized by Dr. Art Nathan and all of
the press it received was a HUGE success. Thanks for
the awareness and testicular fortitude. FIRE ISIAH!

Open Letter sent to David Stern, NBA Commissioner:

Dear Mr. Stern,

This may be lengthy but please read.

I write this to you as a loyal and dedicated fan to
my Knicks but things need to change. I have organized
a large protest and boycott scheduled for Sunday,
December 30, 2007 at MSG at 11:00 AM. Buses have been
scheduled to provide transportation for disgruntled
fans. This will also guarantee that we start off this
protest with bodies . I think you will agree with me
that this will make it a lot easier for outsiders that
have been alerted to this protest to join us.

The following is the official announcement posted
all over blogs, message boards, forums.

Hello All Disgusted, Miserable, Die-Hard Knick Fans,

Sunday December 30th 2007
11:00 AM (Noon Game)

Protest in front of MSG to OUST ISIAH.
The time has come to raise our voices.

Knicks vs. Bulls (Sure to be another pitiful loss!)

email: joeyvworks@yahoo.com

Step up and push to get Isiah removed!

David, the response has been something more than I
would have ever expected.

Additionally, we have been interviewed multiple times
with webcasts, podcasts and also on local NYC
university radio.

Today we were mentioned in Newsday. Bottom of World’s
Most Furious Arena article. That link is here:


The official Blog is located here:


We’re also planning on taking out a 1/2 page
advertisement in one of the major NYC newspapers
announcing this protest the day before.

In closing. David to protect the image on your
franchise not only my beloved Knicks, you need to step
in and do something about this debacle taken place in
NY. The fans deserve more.

I will add you to the daily protest email update
distribution list as well.

Thank you.


Joe V

(We’re going to turn over every rock and til we
accomplish the goal of getting rid of Isiah!

We will be interviewing with Aaron and the Gang at
http://www.hardcoresportsradio.com tomorrow at 5:00 PM to
discuss all of this drama. Anyone can access
the interview here:

Also please visit

BIG PROPS To deadspin.com
Most referred users to the Protest Blog:

You have to read some of the stuff on here, it’s
hysterical. Especially the one about handing out
Knicks tickets to the homeless on a set night in
January. Trust me, it will tickle you. 🙂




Joe V.


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